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Am I Flexible Enough For BJJ

So, you just watched some fight or grappling highlights, there was an amazing submission, and you were intrigued by Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Naturally, you start Youtubing BJJ.  After a few videos, you think to yourself there is no way you could contort your body into the required positions.  Now, I am sure it feels as though you may be right. The good news is that you are wrong.

Don’t worry though, it’s understandable to feel the way you do.  If bending over to tie your shoes highlights the tightness in your lower back or your shoulder joints feel like they are made of wood, you are not alone.  It is important to note that having flexibility often leads to increased dexterity and gives a jiujitiero more options in attacks and more leeway in defenses, so you should work on it.  However, a lot of BJJ practitioners are actually pretty inflexible.  “But how?!?”

Some of it has to do with the angles you will learn to take to work around your limitations. Some is just knowing what techniques work for you and your body.  Lastly, the truth is, you will start gaining some flexibility from doing BJJ.  From the warm-ups, stretching, drilling, and live rolling (sparring), you will find that even if you remain tight, you will be far more flexible than you were when you watching those Youtube vids.

Some Basic Stretches in the Meantime

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