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Characteristics of a Champion



What makes a Champion? Below I’ve listed the 3 most important traits a person must posses in order to succeed at the highest level. 


Confidence, belief in your abilities, ability to push through difficult situations when most people would quit; indomitable spirit. Ability to perform to your full potential and not be affected by pressure or stressful situations. Always “clutch” and doesn’t “choke.” Positive attitude and knows how to handle and learn from losses. This is the most neglected trait amongst competitors, despite being the most important.


Speed, strength, power, explosiveness and/or endurance. Natural ability to learn techniques and movements quickly. Attention to detail when training and competing. This trait can see the biggest improvements with help from the last trait:


Very self disciplined, desire to out-work everyone, willing to do extra work when no one is watching. Makes sacrifices and constantly doing anything that will help them improve. Self motivated to succeed and strict with good habits on a daily basis (i.e. training schedule, diet, supplements, etc.). This trait is usually a direct result of a person’s level of motivation.

Which of these traits do you posses?

Some of these traits you’re born with and others you develop over time. A true champion at the elite level possess all of these traits. Know your strengths and your weaknesses so you can constantly  improve. Being exceptional in one area can make up for a lack in other areas… up until a certain point. For example, many people are not as mentally strong as they could be. Being physically gifted and having a great work ethic, though, can improve your confidence and hence make you mentally stronger. Ultimately you would want to do drills to specifically improve your mental strength and be a more complete competitor.

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