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Killa BEE Tactical Weapons Counter Combatives Seminar

Champions Jiu-Jitsu & Muay Thai Presents:
Killa BEE Tactical Weapons Counter Combatives Seminar
Saturday, Oct 14
A Single day training session where you discover top tier techniques and tactics from a Navy Seal to defend, dominate, or disengage against edged weapons wielded by an attacker on the feet, empty-handed, and on the ground, protecting yourself & others with combative skill until gaining the tactical advantage of deploying and engaging with your own gun.
• Train with a Navy SEAL international firearms, blade, combatives instructor
• Controlling & redirecting distance and damage at the 3 ranges of extreme close quarters
• Empty Hand Combatives
• Pre-fight indicators of Edged weapon attack & deployment
• 3 empowering mindset tools for peak performance under pressure
• Empty-handed counter combatives against edged weapon attack
• Weapons Based Grappling to counter edged weapons deployed on the ground
• Empty hand protective measures to gun deployment transition tactics
• Evasive countermeasure move & shoot mechanics
• Killa BEE Combat Concepts to increase probability of survivability
If you’re looking defend, dominate, or disengage empty handed engagements or an attacker that has deployed an edged weapon on the feet or on the ground, then weapons counter combatives is the solution for you.
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